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Mona Hidayet

Executive Director, Clients & Products - Advantage CS
(Speaker in 2020) Mona Hidayet is the Executive Director, Clients and Products at AdvantageCS, a leading international subscription and membership software solution established in 1979 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since entering the world of publishing in 2000, Hidayet has worked with publishers of all sizes, from varying industries, and from all over the world. These experiences allowed her to gain insight and perspective, spanning the publishing and membership industries at all levels, and have shaped Hidayet’s current role. Bringing ideas and trends from one area of publishing, modelling and sharing how those trends would work in other areas of publishing has been something she has increasingly been working on in recent years.

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Conferences and Meetings


Society Street Virtual 2020

What does the Coronavirus mean for meetings and conferences, both now and in the future? Our speakers for this session will consider what their societies are doing, what options are available in a world where in-person meetings are unlikely to happen for a while, and how to make those options work well.