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Dana Compton

Managing Director and Publisher at American Society of Civil Engineers

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How are Societies Managing their DEI Initiatives (Fireside Chat, March 2022)


Webinar Series

Join us in conversation with society leaders responsible for DEI who will be discussing their DEI challenges and sharing best practice. We know that many societies are currently focusing on DEI initiatives with their membership, leadership, and their staff. What does good practice look like within our space and what should leaders be thinking about? We have brought together society leaders who have engaged in this topic to discuss their organisations' approach and share details of initiatives and collaborations that the whole community could learn from.

Publications: How Are Societies Approaching Innovation and Revenue Diversification?


Webinar Series

We’ve been talking about income (and activity) diversification for societies through 2021, but although we’ve mentioned publications in passing, we haven’t bitten the bullet and talked about them directly — until now. Our November event brings together leaders in publications at three societies who are all thinking deeply about the challenges of not just revenue diversification, but innovating more widely. Join us in conversation as we explore their thinking and experiences in leading their societies through change: not just thinking deeply about content and its value, but also thinking about culture, risk, and having an innovation mind-set.