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Tracy Gardner Headshot

Tracy Gardner

Consultant, at Renew Consultants
Tracy has been consulting since 2004, working with societies, publishers and intermediaries on a wide range of projects including product development, strategic marketing and business development. She is a researcher and co-author for the How Readers Discover Content reports which have been published every 3 years since 2005. She has worked in scholarly communications since 1997, when she joined CatchWord as Marketing Manager, and later worked at CABI as head of marketing and product development.

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2020 Webinar: Society Street in Conversation: Leading Through Turbulent Times


Webinar Series

As the chief exec of a large charity with a social justice agenda which focusses on the rights of women and girls globally, Girish Menon brings a broad view to the challenges of leading through turbulent times, relevant to all of us. Katy Amberley is the chief exec of the British Society for Haematology and was keen to invite Girish to speak to us at Society Street to explore what increased global uncertainty means for those of us leading our mission-driven organizations: both for the organizations, but also for us as individuals.

Change! - Six Months On


Webinar Series

Cindy and Mary’s talks in the Change session from Society Street virtual was one many of our attendees found inspiring: it came at a time when many were floundering. Their session gave both reassurance and hope. We wanted to revisit some of the themes we covered in March, and ask Cindy and Mary to review where we are six months on How has COVID-19 developed our thinking? How are we adapting to the changes, and what skills do we need to develop and value to bring our organizations safely through the turbulent times ahead? What has been surprising about the last six months, and what opportunities do we see for the future?

Product Development Case Study (Interview) – Bone & Joint Publishing


Webinar Series

Tracy interviews Emma about the product development process Bone & Joint Publishing went through, and finds out what the outcome of it was.