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Session 4: Practical Future-Proofing, Track 1
2:00 PM - 3:10 PM

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AI for societies


Society Street London 2019

Contextual changes and demographic factors are threatening societies and membership organisations' ability to fulfil their missions. To remain relevant, societies need to break away from the status quo and redefine at a strategic level how they will meet their own and their members' objectives. In a world where technology has transformed user expectations, societies need to evolve into data-driven organisations that deliver member-centred products. This talk will show how societies can harness AI on this journey, in particular to increase member engagement and generate new revenue streams.



Society Street London 2019

Ian will give a brief introduction to blockchain, explain how the core components work at a high level. He will explain why it might be the case that the needs blockchain is trying to meet may be better met though other approaches within the domain of scholarly publishing.

Building communities with an online forum


Society Street London 2019

Hear how Wiley is delivering new value to its society customers via online community, working in partnership with community software providers Zapnito. In this case-study of the Zapnito-hosted FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) Network, learn how and why Zapnito, Wiley and FEBS launched an online community for FEBS members - and the wider biochemical research community - and what we learnt along the way.