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Laura Sawyer Headshot

Laura Sawyer

Executive Director, International Communication Association
Laura Sawyer, contributor to Fireside Chat on Hybrid Events July 2021

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2021 07 22 A Conversation about Hybrid Events (Fireside Chat)


Webinar Series

Society Street brings together a group grappling with the practical issues of putting on a hybrid event to discuss the common challenges they are facing and how they are thinking of resolving them. Meetings have changed forever, and 2022 and beyond sees many societies looking to bring a “best of both” to their next meetings and discovering a whole raft of new challenges. Here they are in lively conversation discussing how they are managing hybrid, and touching on some of the issues they are thinking about. All three of them work within a society or with societies: Laura is the Executive Director of the International Communication Association, which is running a hybrid event in May 2022 in Paris; Theresa is currently the Head of Education at the British Society for Haematology and is planning their hybrid meeting for April 2022; and Violaine is the CEO of Cadmore Media and has been working with her society clients on resolving common issues they face as they plan their online and hybrid meetings going forwards.