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Diane Kovats

Executive Director - International Society for Computational Biology
(Speaker in 2020) Diane Kovats is the Executive Director of the International Society for Computational Biology. She is an innovative business events and association management strategist who has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations. Her strength is working with non-profit boards to develop and execute a vision which furthers the organization mission-driven impact. Through innovative event design, membership group, efficient organizational operations, and relationship cultivation, Diane has had a successful career in transforming the organizations for which she works. Diane is passionate about giving back. She has served in many volunteer roles for a variety of organizations. Most recently she has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors for the Professional Convention Management Association.

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Conferences and Meetings


Society Street Virtual 2020

What does the Coronavirus mean for meetings and conferences, both now and in the future? Our speakers for this session will consider what their societies are doing, what options are available in a world where in-person meetings are unlikely to happen for a while, and how to make those options work well.

Conferences and Meetings update - Webinar


Webinar Series

A few weeks on from Society Street Virtual, we are bringing some of the “Conferences and Meetings” panel back together again, to reflect on what they have seen and learned in the intervening weeks. The session we held in March was extremely lively with many questions. As things are continuing to change rapidly, we asked them to join us again to reflect on what has changed in the last month or so, and what they have learnt.