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Conferences and Meetings

What does the Coronavirus mean for meetings and conferences, both now and in the future? Our speakers for this session will consider what their societies are doing, what options are available in a world where in-person meetings are unlikely to happen for a while, and how to make those options work well.

Society Street Virtual 2020


March 26, 2020


Embracing the Mission. Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Conference. Particular thanks to our speakers who were so generous with their time and their ideas. Special thanks goes to our sponsors who supported the event and enabled us to offer it free to our community. Feel free to watch and listen to the sessions and sign up if you would like to be alerted when we run more events.

Alexa Tullett


Associate Professor - University of Alabama

(Speaker in 2020) Alexa is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama, and the President of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS). Her work examines scientific, religious, and political beliefs, and the factors that facilitate or impede belief change. Some of her work takes a meta-scientific approach, using psychological methods to study the beliefs and practices of psychological scientists.

Diane Kovats


Executive Director - International Society for Computational Biology

(Speaker in 2020) Diane Kovats is the Executive Director of the International Society for Computational Biology. She is an innovative business events and association management strategist who has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations. Her strength is working with non-profit boards to develop and execute a vision which furthers the organization mission-driven impact. Through innovative event design, membership group, efficient organizational operations, and relationship cultivation, Diane has had a successful career in transforming the organizations for which she works. Diane is passionate about giving back. She has served in many volunteer roles for a variety of organizations. Most recently she has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors for the Professional Convention Management Association.

Mona Hidayet


Executive Director, Clients & Products - Advantage CS

(Speaker in 2020) Mona Hidayet is the Executive Director, Clients and Products at AdvantageCS, a leading international subscription and membership software solution established in 1979 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since entering the world of publishing in 2000, Hidayet has worked with publishers of all sizes, from varying industries, and from all over the world. These experiences allowed her to gain insight and perspective, spanning the publishing and membership industries at all levels, and have shaped Hidayet’s current role. Bringing ideas and trends from one area of publishing, modelling and sharing how those trends would work in other areas of publishing has been something she has increasingly been working on in recent years.

Paco Nathan


Founder - Derwen, Inc.

(Speaker in 2020) Known as a "player/coach", with core expertise in data science, natural language processing, machine learning, cloud computing; 35+ years tech industry experience, ranging from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. Advisor for NYU Coleridge Initiative, IBM Data Science Community, Amplify Partners, Anyscale, Recognai, Primer, Data Spartan. Former role: Director, Community Evangelism @ Databricks and Apache Spark.

Violaine Iglesias


CEO & Co-founder - Cadmore Media

Contributor to Society Street 2021 as a panellist for a Fireside Chat on Hybrid Events. Speaker and webinar chair in 2020 After two decades of a career spanning academic and trade publishing, publishing technology and book translation, Violaine has recently launched Cadmore Media, a new streaming media platform specifically designed to facilitate the dissemination of scholarly and professional audiovisual content. By boosting the discoverability, indexability and accessibility of videos and podcasts, Cadmore gives publishers, societies and IGOs the tools they need to join the streaming revolution. Prior to Cadmore, Violaine worked at technology provider GVPi, SAGE Publishing and Penguin Random House. She holds a Master’s Degree in Publishing from ESCP Europe in Paris.


Session 4: Conference and Meetings

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM