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Beth Craanen

Director of Publications - The Electrochemical Society
(Speaker in 2020) Beth Craanen joined ECS as the Associate Director of Development & Membership Services in December 2014, was promoted to the Director of Membership Services in September 2015 and was named Director of Publications in September 2016. Prior to ECS, she served as the Director for Student Affairs and Community Engagement in the School of Pharmacy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. As a founding team member, she was instrumental in building resources critical to student success. Beth holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson & Wales University and a Master of Science degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

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Where is Your Community? (Global / Local)


Society Street Virtual 2020

What does it mean to be a convener of a community in today’s environment? This session brings together society leaders who were briefed several weeks ago to consider what Global / Local means to the activities of their societies (membership, meetings, education, professional development, publishing).