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Where is Your Community? (Global / Local)

What does it mean to be a convener of a community in today’s environment? This session brings together society leaders who were briefed several weeks ago to consider what Global / Local means to the activities of their societies (membership, meetings, education, professional development, publishing).

Society Street Virtual 2020


March 26, 2020


Embracing the Mission. Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Conference. Particular thanks to our speakers who were so generous with their time and their ideas. Special thanks goes to our sponsors who supported the event and enabled us to offer it free to our community. Feel free to watch and listen to the sessions and sign up if you would like to be alerted when we run more events.

Beth Craanen


Director of Publications - The Electrochemical Society

(Speaker in 2020) Beth Craanen joined ECS as the Associate Director of Development & Membership Services in December 2014, was promoted to the Director of Membership Services in September 2015 and was named Director of Publications in September 2016. Prior to ECS, she served as the Director for Student Affairs and Community Engagement in the School of Pharmacy at Fairleigh Dickinson University. As a founding team member, she was instrumental in building resources critical to student success. Beth holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson & Wales University and a Master of Science degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Colleen Scollans


Chief Marketing Officer - Colleen Scollans LLP

(Speaker in 2020) Colleen Scollans is a seasoned marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience leader and consultant. With a strong background in Marketing and Digital transformation, Colleen helps organizations improve marketing performance, successfully leverage marketing technology, derive value from data, and pivot to customer centricity. Prior to consulting, Colleen was the Chief Marketing Officer at Oxford University Press where she led 300 Marketing and Digital Strategy professionals around the world. Based in New York, she was responsible for Global Marketing across B2B and B2C channels, Digital Strategy for products, content, and customer digital experience, as well as Data/Analytics. Colleen spent many years transforming the global publishing company into a forward-thinking model that has grown their business. In addition to Marketing, Colleen has also held leadership roles in Sales, Product, Digital, and E-commerce. She is known for driving strategic alignment and innovation around the customer. Colleen loves to speak, advise, coach, and mentor on the strategic and operational aspects of Marketing. She is passionate about driving business transformation through a data-driven and customer focused modern marketing strategy and helping organizations successfully adopt marketing technology.

Ed Liebow


Executive Director - American Anthropological Association

(Speaker in 2020) Ed Liebow is Executive Director of the American Anthropological Association. AAA publishes 22 journals, stages 12 conferences and a film festival annually, supports professional development, and does extensive public outreach on behalf of anthropologists. Before becoming AAA director in 2013, Ed enjoyed a long career with the Battelle Memorial Institute, which he first joined in 1986, when he completed his PhD. He has conducted research on a variety of energy, public health, and social policy issues concerning disadvantaged communities. He is affiliated with the University of Washington, and has been a Senior Fellow of the Fulbright Commission.

Margaret Vitullo


Deputy Director - American Sociological Association

(Speaker in 2020) Margaret Weigers Vitullo, Ph.D. is Deputy Director of ASA. Before joining the staff of ASA she was a faculty member and chair of the Sociology Department at Gallaudet University. She also worked as a research scientist in the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and was a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in both sociology and managerial studies from Rice University.

Steve Smith


Executive Director - American Political Science Association

(Speaker in 2020) Steven Rathgeb Smith is the executive director of the American Political Science Association and adjunct professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. Previously, he taught at several universities including the University of Washington where he was the Nancy Bell Evans Professor at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance and director of the Nancy Bell Evans Center for Nonprofits & Philanthropy. He is a past president of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action and formerly editor of the association’s journal, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. His most recent book (co-edited with David Hammack) is American Philanthropic Foundations: Regional Difference and Change (Indiana University Press, 2018). He is also the immediate past president of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR).


Session 2: Where is Your Community? (Global / Local)

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM