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Session 4: Practical Future-Proofing, Track 2
2:00 PM - 3:10 PM

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A Commercial Publisher's view of Plan S


Society Street London 2019

Neil will talk about open science, open access and how Plan S fits and challenges both. He will touch on the dynamism of the global market and how multi-speed and flexible business models give the best set of outcomes for authors (and society executives). He will talk about the opportunities and challenges Plan S presents for commercial publishers, and how these are amplified for society partners, especially those with significant commercial or subscription revenues. And finally, he will share the blueprint of Elsevier’s approach, and a commercial publisher’s view of how societies can take advantage of the changing landscape.

A Society Publisher's view of Plan S


Society Street London 2019

Learned societies publish journals primarily to serve their scholarly communities, more recently some of them have also managed to make a surplus which they also use to support their other mission activity. These two aspects of journal publishing are both mission related, of course, and the balance between them varies considerably depending on the society. The Royal Society only started making appreciable surplus from the journals in the 21st century; for over 300 years the journals were heavily loss making. Open access is clearly the future and the Royal Society is very supportive of open science in general. Last year, over 45% of all our articles were immediate OA. Clearly institutional and funder support for OA is a crucial driver and while we welcome the greatly increased impetus Plan S has provided, we have concerns about the way the policy will be implemented. As the national academy of science, our primary concerns will always be the good of science and the interests of scientists. We are therefore concerned that Plan S is likely to have negative consequences for early career scientists, for collaboration and for the level of support for OA in the research community.

Subscriptions and OA landscape review


Society Street London 2019

What does the future hold for subscriptions? Does Plan S mean the death of your publishing business? Can quality publications survive in today’s information environment? Or only science ones? And what did the latest implementation guidelines of Plan S add to the conversation? Sam has ALL the answers (and a crystal ball).