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2021 07 22 Known Unknowns: Questions to Ask when Planning a Hybrid Event (Presentation)

Jessica Lawrence-Hurt, Chief Marketing Officer at Cadmore Media, brings us a short sharp burst of questions to consider when planning a hybrid event, along with some possible solutions. No two events are the same, and no two societies and associations are trying to achieve the same things with their meetings, so there are no hybrid event blueprints to follow. But there might be a few short cuts. Learn from Jessica the key questions you should be asking about your event.

Society Street Webinar Series


Society Street brings together leaders and future leaders of professional and academic societies to look holistically at their organizations, and to foster discussion, learning, and the sharing of insights and experiences of transforming learned societies into modern and relevant organizations. Society Street webinars run throughout the year. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer these webinars at no cost to attendees.

Jessica Lawrence-Hurt


Chief Marketing Officer, Cadmore Media


Hybrid Events: The Next Big Challenge (July 2021)


2020 and (for most of us) 2021 saw events move entirely online. There were some great things that came out of it, including reduced carbon footprint, a greater reach into our communities for some … and a painful cut in meetings revenue. Many of us have been briefed with planning hybrid events for 2022, to make the most of both worlds. Many of us have questions. Society Street’s July event brings you a short presentation outlining the questions it is helpful to ask before planning the detail of an event, and brings together those in the thick of it to share what they are thinking about and how they have started to resolve some of the challenges for their events. Thanks to the continued support of our sponsors, it’s free to attend.