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Early Career Members: Recruitment, Retention and Engagement (Fireside Chat)

What are you doing for your early (or even mid-) career members (or potential members)? What should associations and societies be doing to ensure that they are delivering value to the group of people who should be a central part of their future? Erin Landis is bringing together a group of association leaders to talk about just this: what have they done; what should we all be doing; what are the challenges?

We’ll let them talk for just short of an hour, and then open up a round table discussion for you to bring your thoughts, ideas, questions and challenges to our friendly Society Street discussion.

Society Street Webinar Series


Society Street brings together leaders and future leaders of professional and academic societies to look holistically at their organizations, and to foster discussion, learning, and the sharing of insights and experiences of transforming learned societies into modern and relevant organizations. Society Street webinars run throughout the year. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer these webinars at no cost to attendees.

Celena NuQuay


Erin Landis


Josel Fritz


Rodneikka Scott