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Simon Inger headshot

Simon Inger

Conference Chair & COO of Cadmore Media

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A Conversation about Product Development - with Product Creators


Webinar Series

Society Street brings together a group of experienced product inventors, innovation enablers, and creators in conversation, exploring ideas, challenges and opportunities for societies as they seek to diversify portfolio and generate new income. All of them have worked with societies and beyond in finding new ways to grow: Sam H is the co-founder and MD of 67 Bricks, an organization that helps societies (and other content rich organizations) maximise the value that already resides in their content; Liz is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of the recently launched Hum, which works to help associations to improve their reach and revenue; Mike is the Managing Partner at Clarke & Esposito and has been has been creating products for societies for most of his career; and Simon, who is co-founder of Cadmore Media and consultant at Renew.

Publications and Wrap up


Society Street Virtual 2020

What now? Does Coronavirus mean that Open Access is a slam dunk? What impact does it have on your publication activities – right now? Next month? Next year? Join Angela Cochran, Judy Luther, Simon Inger and Sam Burrell in conversation.

So You Need to Make More Money …


Webinar Series

Simon kicks off Society Street 2021 with a short presentation including practical tips on how to approach product development. He is a natural entrepreneur and inventor, with several successful business start-ups to his name, as well as several more he has helped others to start.