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So You Need to Make More Money …

Simon kicks off Society Street 2021 with a short presentation including practical tips on how to approach product development. He is a natural entrepreneur and inventor, with several successful business start-ups to his name, as well as several more he has helped others to start.

Society Street Webinar Series


Society Street brings together leaders and future leaders of professional and academic societies to look holistically at their organizations, and to foster discussion, learning, and the sharing of insights and experiences of transforming learned societies into modern and relevant organizations. COVID-19 put a temporary stop to in-person conferences – and instead, Society Street implemented a program of webinars. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer these webinars at no cost to attendees.

Simon Inger


Conference Chair & Consultant - Renew Consultants

(Speaker in 2020) Simon has worked in journals for 33 years, and as a consultant for the last 18 of those, where the work has mostly been with societies and the organisations that serve them. Simon was originally an Oxford electrochemist, before turning his hand to technology, product development, and then launching his first company, CatchWord in 1995.


How To Approach Income Diversification for Societies


Revenue diversification is likely already in your society or association’s current strategy, and clearly the key to a healthy future. But where do you start? Society Street’s first event for 2021 covers: how a society can approach revenue diversification; a case study; a conversation with panellists who are product creators.