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Communicating with Authors: How do societies stay connected with their authors?

We bring together three people who have extensive experience in building communication strategies to ensure societies stay connected with their authors. Authors are looking for an outlet for their research – they want impact, they want recognition, they want readership, and they want to be part of a community that cares about their work. Societies are ideally placed to help authors achieve their goals and make those all-important connections. Societies also want to sure ensure their authors have a great author experience, and want to nurture those long-term relationships. So how do successful societies manage to stay connected? Particularly if they have outsourced their publishing to a commercial publisher? (This is something that we know comes up a lot). And how do author communications fit in with the overall communication strategy? After all authors are probably also conference delegates, readers, volunteers, members, editors, etc. Our contributors have a lot to say about strategies that have worked for them so join us for a conversation about the “author experience” and how to keep that important society/author relationship alive.

Society Street Webinar Series


Society Street brings together leaders and future leaders of professional and academic societies to look holistically at their organizations, and to foster discussion, learning, and the sharing of insights and experiences of transforming learned societies into modern and relevant organizations. Society Street webinars run throughout the year. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer these webinars at no cost to attendees.

Sam Burrell


Society Street Program Chair & Strategic Publishing Consultant, 67 Bricks

Jennifer Regala


Mithu Lucraft


Sara Killingworth